Artifact / Archival Donations

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Through the years, generous donors have given the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre its rich and varied collection of objects and documents. These donations are greatly appreciated by Museum & Cultural Centre staff, stakeholders and visitors.

Want to know more about the process? Click here, email or call (519)797-2080.

A variety of objects you see in this photo are examples of what would be accepted into the BCM&CC Collection.

Often these donations contain both artifacts and archival material.  This is a wonderful way to share our history, having, for example a dress to put on display with a photograph of the original owner wearing it and a story of a special occasion it was worn for.  View amazing examples in our online collection.

Another example is a woolen blanket:  “A wool blanket, with a couple or three moth holes, and a tattered corner”, who wants it? … We do, when it has as exciting a story such as … a Father sheering the sheep from his farm, then taking the fleece to Chesley, to have it processed at the Woollen Mill and made into a blanket, then returning home and presenting it to his daughter as a Wedding Gift … These are the stories that tug at peoples’ heart strings, and are at the centre of the BCM&CC collection.