Davinci Discovery Series – Climate Crisis and Hope for a Better Future

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This academic style lecture, documentary and seminar series called the DaVinci Discovery Series, in honour of one the great thinkers who used both art and science to explore branches of knowledge, and today we can use this same thinking for finding connections in our complex world.  This year we focus on the Climate Crisis and Hope for a Better Future.

September 5: Mike Sterling presents Global Climate Modeling from a Mathematical perspective

September 10: Art Grady presents a lecture by Gwynne Dyer on ‘Climate Wars: The Fight for Survival as the World Overheats’

September 11: Liz Zetlin presents the documentary `Resilience: Transforming our Community’

September 12: Adrienne Mason presents a series of climate solutions and actions from the Artic to Africa

September 5, 10,11 & 12

Doors and Cash Bar Open at 7:00 pm, presentation begins at 7:30 pm

Purchase tickets by visiting the Museum or by calling Visitor Services at 519-797-2080

Series Tickets (4 weeks) Member $34.00 (+H.S.T.)     Public $42.00 (+H.S.T.)

Individual Ticket Member $12.00 (H.S.T.)     Public $14.00 (+H.S.T.)