Freemasonry: A History Hidden in Plain Sight

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An exhibit to promote the knowledge, appreciation and understanding of Masonic history, and Freemasonry’s influence upon our society today.

This exhibit informs the public, arouses curiosity and promotes learning about Freemasonry’s heritage and cultural identities.  Freemasonry contributes to communities in a number of ways through the unspoken and invisible act of helping those in need.  Inspired by, and with enormous assistance from, our local Masonic Lodges, this exhibit attracted a very high shoulder-season audience to our facility in the spring of 2011.  Local Masonic Lodges in the area of your museum may wish to take advantage of the increased profile brought to Freemasonry through recent books and movies to assist you to ensure that your community has access to the Freemasons’ story that’s “hidden in plain sight.”  Inclusion of artifacts from your partner Lodge makes this exhibit appealing to locavores.

To request a DVD video walk-through of the exhibit at our facility to share with colleagues, please contact Laura Leonard (see below).

Exhibit specifications:

  • floor space: 112 m squared approximately;
  • ceiling height: 3 m;
  • rental cost: sliding scale, depending upon renting facility’s budget – inquire for details;
  • range: $500/month to $1,500/month;
  • early booking discounts available;
  • suggested three-month minimum rental period;
  • transportation and insurance costs to be met by the renting facility.

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