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Hallmarks of Humanity

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What goes into the making a quilt? What makes them a special part of our heritage? This beautiful exhibit features Bruce County quilts and blankets from the Museum’s collection and special loans, including a signature quilt created by Culross Township residents in 1918 which made its way to England during the Second World War and is […]

Breaking the Silence

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Breaking the Silence is an exhibition to expand emotional knowledge and an exercise in empathy.  By highlighting the challenges someone with mental health concerns could be facing day to day as well as in our healthcare system, with hopes that these images and concepts presented will give the viewer an insight to the struggle. *Due […]

Animal Gibberish, Subtitled for Humans

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Have you ever wondered what animals are saying?  Animals express themselves in many ways to convey simple messages, such as “I like you”, “Danger!” or “I’m hungry”.  The more social they are, the more unique their ways of communicating.  This summer, discover who does what and send messages just like animals do through this fun […]

Alan Weinstein, The Ontario Studio: Five Decades

Since his one-man show in 1961 at the Pollock Gallery, Toronto, Weinstein has been exhibiting solo shows in museums and galleries across Canada, the United States and Australia.  Now for the first time his work will be exhibited in Bruce County.  This exhibition is a condensed retrospective of paintings, copperplate and relief prints from Weinstein’s […]