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John White Celebrity Photo Show

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For over two decades John photographed celebrities for magazines and media outlets around the world.  Now that he has settled back into his home area, we are excited to deliver you a show highlighting his years of work. While you are viewing this window into celebrities’ lives, you will also have an opportunity to bid […]

Voices of Chief’s Point

Anishinaabe culture is passed down from generation to generation using songs and stories.  In 1938, Robert and Eliza Thompson, residents of Chief’s Point, Saugeen Territory, shared Anishinaabeg songs and stories with Dr. Edwin Seaborn creating audio recordings on wax cylinders. This exhibition captures some of that special tradition as, Guest Curator Dr. Bimadoshka Pucan shares their songs and […]

Kids Celebrate

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Everyone loves a special occasion – be it India’s Diwali, the New Year in China, the Jewish celebration Hanukkah, Toonik Tyme in Iqaluit or Canada Day – what better way to appreciate the diversity of celebrations in Canada than through ‘Kids Celebrate’, a travelling exhibition developed by the Canadian Museum of History.  Explore the variety […]

Good Eye: Responding to the Landscape

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Sharon Barfoot has enjoyed a long and varied career in the arts that has included costume and jewelry design, teaching, graphics, curating and, most recently, painting full-time.  Sharon’s approach to the work in this exhibition is minimalist in which she applies the Buddhist concept of Miksang.  Miksang is a Tibetan word meaning ‘good eye’ where […]

Anishnaabwe Endaat: Where we live and lived

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The Anishnaabwe Gallery showcases Anishinaabe culture in a broader environmental and cultural context, specifically the impacts that changing climate and landscape have had on a range of cultural expressions, including subsistence pursuits, material culture, settlement and the evolution into today’s culture. This exhibition is proudly presented by      

Log Buildings

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The log buildings are open annually beginning on Victoria Day weekend in May until Thanksgiving Day weekend in October. Join members of the Bruce County District Women’s Institute each Friday during the months of July & August for lemonade and cookies!