BCM&CC Planning Documents


Our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is now complete. Special thanks to all our participants throughout this process for your guidance, ideas, concerns and continued support of the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre. We are now looking forward to the next stages of implementation.

To view the plan (March 2015) click here.
To view the approved Final Accommodation Plan (April 2016) click here.


Following the recommendations from the Accommodation Plan as a next step, the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre undertook a Feasibility Study in 2016 and subsequently, a Financial Feasibility Study in 2017. The findings of these studies were presented in reports to Bruce County Council on March 2, 2017 and November 16, 2017 (respectively).  The Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre would like to thank all the community stakeholders and participants who have assisted with our planning process for these studies and previous planning to date.

Read the Feasibility Study here.

View the Financial Feasibility Study Presentation here.

Read the Financial Feasibility Study Report here.