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Krug Furniture Co. Ltd: 100 Years of Service to the County

Home | Stories & Artefacts | Krug Furniture Co. Ltd: 100 Years of Service to the County

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Krug Furniture Co. Timeline 

1886  The business began as a partnership between brothers Christian, Conrad, John and William Krug, and brother-in-law Henry Ankenmann.  
1909  The company incorporated as “The Krug Bros. Co.”  
??  Became a Limited Company around the time of receiing a Dominion Charter, allowing the company to sell furniture in all Canadian provinces.    
1925  Howard Krug (1904-1997), Christian Krug’s son, joined the company  
1941  Howard assumed the role of President when his father, Christian Krug, passed.  
1987  Company was sold to 65205 Ontario Limited, operated by Ray Smith and Associates of Toronto, for a relatively short period of time  

The Krug Bros. Furniture Co. Ltd. of Chesley, Ontario, provided employment for local residents and quality furniture shipped across the country for over 100 years, from 1886 to 1987.  Krug Bros. Co. Ltd. manufactured fine quality colonial and traditional furniture, with sales across Canada. Bedroom and dining room furniture formed the primary product lines throughout the company’s existence. Springs and mattresses were also part of the product line until about 1914. Church furniture, including pulpits, pedestals, chairs and communion tables, was manufactured until about the 1960s. Lodge furniture was also a significant part of Krug operations when fraternal lodges were growing.  

Krug Bros. Co. Ltd. owned and operated a sawmill in Chesley until 1975. It also owned and operated a mill in Sullivan Township from about 1900 to 1918. Around 1900, the company acquired approximately 600 acres of land with good standing hardwood in Sullivan Township, Grey County: lot 27, concessions 4 and 5, and the east half of lot 28, concession 5, near Kinghurst. Over the years, the company continued to acquire tracts of timber in Bentinck, Egremont and Sullivan townships in Grey County, and in Amabel, Arran and Brant townships in Bruce County.  
Bruce and Howard Krug were considered pioneers and leaders in reforestation in Bruce and Grey Counties. Their woodlots were only selectively logged, always leaving about 75% of mature timber standing. In early 1997, Howard Krug made a landmark bequest of 600 acres of Kinghurst Forest to Ontario Nature. Bruce and Howard Krug also personally purchased other properties for forestry purposes, and some of those properties have also been donated to government or organizations for preservation and/or public use.  
Krug Bros. operated a maple syrup operation in the Kinghurst area from about 1918 to 1952 and 1958 to 1963.  
Following the 1987 sale, the company only continued to operate for a relatively short period of time. In the 1990s, the Chesley Market operated out of the building for a period of time. Unfortunately, the building also suffered deterioration and vandalism. By 2014, the building had been demolished.  

For more information about the Krug family and Krug Bros. Co. Ltd., see the book “A Century of Excellence” available for review in the Museum’s Research Room or through the Bruce County Public Library.

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