Artifact / Archival Donations


Through the years, generous donors have given the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre its rich and varied collection of objects and documents.

Often these donations contain both artifacts and archival material.  This is a wonderful way to share our history, having, for example a dress to put on display with a photograph of the original owner wearing it and a story of a special occasion it was worn for.  View amazing examples in our Online Collections.

Another example is a woolen blanket:  “A wool blanket, with a couple or three moth holes, and a tattered corner”, who wants it? … We do, when it has as exciting a story such as … a Father sheering the sheep from his farm, then taking the fleece to Chesley, to have it processed at the Woollen Mill and made into a blanket, then returning home and presenting it to his daughter as a Wedding Gift . These are the stories that are the centre of the BCM&CC collection.

For more information about the process of donating artifacts and records, visit our  FAQ Page.

If you are interested in donating items to the Museum, please schedule an appointment with the Curatorial Assistant or Archivist by emailing or calling 519-797-2080.

Storage Areas

Archives at the BCM&CCCollections Storage at the BCM&CC

The Archives or Stacks house the original documents in the collection including official Bruce County records, municipal records, business, organizational, and private records

The BCM&CC has been collecting artifacts and research material for over 60 years. Our collection focuses on the vibrant history of Bruce County. The Collection is housed in state-of-the-art storage areas and displayed in our 12,000 sq ft of exhibit spaces.