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20/20 Sight Seeing

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August 10, 2020 

- December 30, 2020

Experience the stunning landscapes and picturesque moments expressed in “20/20 Sight Seeing” by Marion R. Anderson. Known for her textured works that celebrate her rural background, love of florals, and association with the Great Lakes, Anderson explores the universal idea of creating from lived experience.

Marion R. Anderson

Originally from Kent County, Marion R. Anderson now makes her home and studio in New Dundee. She studied Visual Arts at Windsor University later completing a Masters of Education at University Western Ontario, London.

Her diverse portfolio shows expertise in a wide range of mediums including clay sculpture, watercolour, acrylic and oil painting as well as the ease with which she moves from florals to landscapes in subject matter. This fluidity is due to the artist’s thirty plus years as a Visual Arts teacher/department head.

Anderson’s unique mixed media technique is constantly evolving over time. She works in series, completing a suite of paintings to express a concept or idea. Heavily textured, each piece is rendered in a limited palette, suggesting a unique visual experience for the viewer’s interpretation. One exploration simply leads to another!

“I have been an educator, teacher, instructor and/or mentor for as long as I can remember. Simultaneously, I have been a maker/creator and artist. These combined passions have given me a life full of creative, intriguing and fascinating people. It is because of my art students, patrons and supporters that I am constantly challenged to keep working and experimenting; always growing as an artist and teacher. ‘20/20 Sight Seeing’ is an exhibition to say “thank you”, for all you have taught me in the classroom, the studio and the gallery. May my sight seeing journeys continue with you for many, many years to come!” Marion R. Anderson

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