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Rise of Community

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Discover the stories of community and technology in Bruce County during the 20th century. Follow the emergence of specialists, home conveniences, service clubs, telecommunications and power providers

Rise of Community links both the global and local impacts of technology. It reveals stories of community and technological growth within Bruce County that follow the emergence of specialists and home conveniences that lead to our Technology Lab. Here you will experience what the future brings through the eyes of inventors. Continue the expansive journey from professionals and community groups to communications and power providers during the twentieth century.
Similar to today, new inventions did not appear in every home and farm overnight, and some people were at first reluctant to adopt new technology. People considered many factors, including logistics and expense, before these technologies were accepted and available to everyone. Many 20th century inventions were integrated into home life, child rearing, and housekeeping, with the idea of making these things faster or easier.

As the population grew in the 20th century, so did the needs of the people and in the beginning many specialists had more than one occupation, usually related. However, as villages grew into small towns, the demand for services became greater and many were able to further specialize and develop a thriving business.

Rise of Community

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This hands-on model train exhibit tells the 100-year history of commercial and personal activities surrounding the railway in Bruce County, when the railway displaced